About Us

WESTxEAST was established in 2020 by Co-Founders Tania & Liya, in order to solve a problem they personally experienced as Indian-American women. When they needed traditional garments to wear during cultural events, their existing options were unreliable. They had tried shopping online, patroning Indian boutiques in the U.S., and had even traveled to India to source their outfits. However, they were consistently left disappointed by the results.

Harnessing their combined 20 years of experience in the luxury fashion industry, Tania & Liya created their own virtual design service. Not only did WESTxEAST help their South Asian-American community maintain their connections to their heritage, it also served to reinvigorate traditional artisanship in Indian textile production by providing new opportunities for local craftspeople.

" online shopping experience for the new consumer of luxury goods, a market that has been overlooked and underserved."

"A brand founded for the global South Asian diaspora, WestxEast is everything chic and trendy!"

"Move over superheroes. The cape is the Indian bride’s hero piece! There are multiple ways to wear one, too."